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Health Insurance Advice

farmers-insurance-amberOpen enrollment for individuals and families both on and off the exchange is from November 1, 2016 thru January 31, 2017. This is for ALL health insurance providers as well as Covered CA. It is imperative that you get it completed (changes or enrollment) within this time frame or changes would not be allowed until open enrollment (end of year in 2017) for 2018 coverage. There are exceptions with special circumstances. Special circumstances could be any of the following: Marriage, Age of child reaching 26, birth of a child, divorce, etc….then you would need a specialist to help you mid-term but it can be done. Certified enrollment counselors along with certified insurance agents can help with this mid-term. Health insurance costs continue to rise however there are options that are available to you to help minimize impact: There are 4 different tier levels to choose from starting at bronze , silver, gold and platinum. Deductibles and co pays vary from tier to tier, so make sure that you understand what your portion of the insurance will be before making your choice. Covered CA is also an option to help with the premiums and it is based on your income and family size. is available so you can do some research of rates and plans available to you…and if you need help, reach out to a professional. Another great starting point is finding a doctor that you want to continue seeing and see what insurance they accept. It helps us narrow down the choices to make it less overwhelming for you to decide. Medi-Cal enrollment assistance can also be obtained if that is needed. For example a household with 1 person with income less than $16,394, 2 people $22,107 or less can qualify for Medi-Cal in 2017. Medi-Cal enrollment is year round. Small business coverage is another option for small businesses. There is special criteria that has to be met to qualify for small business eligibility, so make sure that your business can qualify. Remember, penalties for not having coverage in 2017 have again increased so make sure that you have coverage in place to avoid the penalties. So don’t wait…call now to get your coverage secured in place for 2017. For further help and information contact Amber's office at 760-789-0010